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QSC AV-to-USB Bridging Solution



Simplify your conference plug-and-play access to audio and video feeds for applications like Skype for Business™, GoToMeeting™ and more.

  • Webcam video emulation and AEC speakerphone audio.
  • Q-SYS presents professional conference video webcam emulation and industry leading audio processing and AEC to the host PC.
  • Uses standard USB 2.0 connection via Q-SYS USB bridging peripherals.
  • Q-SYS AV Bridging Peripherals include the I/O USB Bridge and the Q-SYS Core Processor (via its onboard USB Type B port).
  • No drivers for the end user to install, no admin-level permissions to manage for the IT personnel.

End-users are ensured a simple, fast, driverless way to interface professional video camera streams and processed audio into remote meetings.

Done right

Q-SYS™ Av-to_USB bridging solution is not burdened by the limitations of other solutions.

  • It doesn't depend on cameras that use cumbersome HDMI cables and require separate AC power.
  • It doesn't have to rely on expensive USB extenders to overcome cable length limitations.
  • It's not point-to-point, which means it won't require switching cables or duplicating gear wihle using multiple connections.
  • There are practically no cable limitations.

Long and short runs

Q-SYS allows for long runs of connectivity using inexpensive network cable from AV-to-USB Bridging Peripherals to the PoE switch, and short runs of USB 2.0 CABLE for the PC Host.

More practical less expensive, structured cable solutions.


There are endless connectivity options without any workarounds.

  • Position Q-SYS Bridging Peripherals on the table for BYOD, behind the LCD screen or in the credenza.
  • Our true network solution allows you to connect as many laptops as you need, or switch as many Q-SYS cameras as you’d like, all without additional hardware.
  • Allows for simultaneous bridging for BYOD & in-rack devices.
  • All access points are always active - No need to disconnect one endpoint or host in order to use another one.
  • Q-SYS AV Bridging Peripherals are PoE - no need for external power at point of installation.

Add end point possibilities and design flexibility without adding equipment or cost.

Hardware & Software

Demand a unified system.

  • From camera controls to VoIP/POTS parameters to user control interfaces, the entire solution works natively within the Q-SYS Platform.
  • AV designers learn a single software platform to serve the smallest huddle room to the largest enterprise conference system.
  • IT professionals monitor a singular system over standard IT protocols.
  • End users experience an organic, unified conferencing solution.

Demand a fully native and integrated av-to-usb solution rather than a piecemeal collection of hardware pieces and software.

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    Conferencing Camera for the Q-SYS AV-to-USB Bridging Solution
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