QSC Core 8 Flex

Q-SYS network + analog I/O processor

Artikelnummer 1399408

Introducing the Q-SYS Core 8 Flex audio, video and control (AV&C) processor, which extends the applications of the Q-SYS Ecosystem into a wider range of smallerscale installations across corporate, higher education, healthcare and beyond. Built on the same foundational technology as the rest of the Q-SYS processor portfolio, including the best-in-class Q-SYS Core 110f, the Core 8 Flex is designed for applications with lower network channel capacity and/or targeted processing requirements.

Core 8 Flex offers onboard analog audio I/O and GPIO plus network AV&C processing, and like all Q-SYS Core processors, the Core 8 Flex delivers features and functionality at the software level, including acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), wide-area paging, video routing, and a full featured control engine without the need for dedicated control processors.

Onboard analog I/O plus network I/O

In addition to its 64 x 64 network audio I/O capacity, the Core 8 Flex offers eight on-board Flex channels and eight GPIO on-ramps to integrate analog audio and control devices into the Q-SYS Ecosystem.

Rightsized. Uncompromised.

Rather than deploying an AV&C processor with unused analog I/O that occupies a full rack space, Core 8 Flex offers a smaller, space-efficient solution with the right amount of analog I/O. However, it does not compromise on functionality; instead it delivers a fully-integrated and customized Q-SYS experience, from paging and background music distribution to control, automation and beyond (the same feature set as the larger Cores in the processor portfolio.)

Optimized for the meeting space

While it can be used across multiple installation types, Core 8 Flex provides the AV infrastructure to enable full room web conference integration, particularly for larger, more challenging spaces. It features USB integration with all major web conferencing applications, eight channels of acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), two VoIP softphones, Software based Dante to enable modern microphones, and a full-featured control engine for third-party device integration.

Reduce complexity and improve scalability with the Q-SYS Ecosystem

The Q-SYS Core 8 Flex joins a growing Ecosystem of AV&C processors built on a flexible software foundation that delivers features and functionality without relying on dedicated, single-purpose hardware. Like all Q-SYS Cores, the Core 8 Flex let integrators take full advantage of the same Q-SYS software suite to design and configure systems, and end users can benefit from a more holistic user experience as a result of all native Q-SYS peripherals, and the system’s ability to scale your system without having to rip-and-replace your configuration file.

    • 64 x 64 networked audio channels (Q-LAN / AES67)
    • Eight on-board FLEX channels and GPIO
    • 8 x AEC (acoustic echo cancellation) processors
    • Up to 32 x 32 Dante audio channels (8 x 8 included)
    • USB AV bridging (8 x 8 audio + Q-SYS camera support)
    • External USB audio device host
    • Supports up to 2 VoIP softphone instances
    • Full featured Q-SYS Control engine
    • Dual gigabit ethernet ports with assignable application resources offering any combination of VoIP, Q-LAN Control, Q-LAN audio or network redundancy
    • Internal power supply
    • 1U half-width, includes mounting hardware