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Whirlwind PC USB

Converts the digital audio from USB outputs to high quality analog, stereo, balanced audio for easy connection to PA systems, mixing boards, etc.

1560,- /stk.
(1950,- Ink. moms)
Artikelnr: 1959020


Direct boxes are often referred to as “DI” boxes. This stands for “Direct Injection” as their main purpose is to convert unbalanced and/or high impedance instrument signals into a format suitable for direct connection to a mixing console's mic input - without the use of a microphone.

Whirlwind pcUSB easily converts the digital audio from USB outputs like your laptop, smart phone, tablet etc. to high quality, transformer isolated analog, stereo, balanced audio for a clean and easy connection to a PA system, or mixing board.

USB 2.0 compliant with no device driver required.Operating power is supplied from the USB port in the host device. Sample rates of 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz are supported at 16 bits. A USB hookup cable is included. Digital signal is input via a standard USB Type B jack. Output is via left and right balanced XLRs. A digital 0 dbfs input signal level delivers -3.4 dVB balanced at the analog outputs.

PcUSB features a STEREO/MONO switch to combine stereo sources into a mono signal and a 20 dB PAD switch to reduce analog output level into sensitive mic inputs. A GROUND LIFT switch disconnects the outputs from the circuit ground to help eliminate hum and buzz.

  • Each pcUSB section features:
    • Max output: -3.4 dBV balanced with 0 dBfs input
    • Supported sample rates: 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
    • Input pad attenuation: -20 dB



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