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K&M 18800

Electric-powered height adjustable keyboard stand

6695,00 kr./stk

This electric-powered height adjustable keyboard stand offers pure comfort and is ergonomically optimized for making music while seated or standing. The keyboard stand is based on the Omega 18810 with its various expansion options. The continuous height adjustment of the Omega-E is quick and easy for your desired seated or standing height through its integrated electric motor. Using the memory setting (including display), four different heights can be preset. After the system is set up, all that is needed is a tap of the control unit and the table assume the pre-set height. The adjustable height is between 597 and 1,257 mm. Using the "Desk Control" App with Bluetooth technology, you can easily operate the table via your Smartphone. The control unit can be mounted to the table. The integrated cable management keeps everything tidy. The frame and base are made of steel and together have a weight bearing load of up to 80 kg.

  • Base dimensions 1,136 x 550 mm
  • Height from 597 to 1,257 mm
  • Height adjustment electric motor
  • Material steel
  • Max. load capacity 80 kg
  • Product Category Starline
  • Shape keyboard table
  • Special features continuous height adjustment;
    up to four different heights can be pre-set;
    can also be adjusted using the "Desk Control" app
  • Support depth 345 mm
  • Support width from 180 to 678 mm
  • Type black
  • Weight 24.5 kg